Meeting Women's Needs

A quick visit to our store highlights our commitment to helping women find and fit bikes. We employ almost as many women as men which is not often seen in the bike industry

More importantly, the men and women that we do employ are well trained in helping female customers find bikes and equipment to suit their activities.

Pop by the store to chat with our staff, or feel free to call ahead to ensure that we have someone available that you feel comfortable working with.

Women's Specific Design

It would surprise some people but there are differences between men and women and therefore many points that should be addressed to make biking more fun and comfortable as a woman. A Women's specific bicycle has addressed the differences and is thus ready to go without as much modification when compared to a uni-sex bike.

Just remember that "uni-sex" or "men's" bikes can be adjusted to fit a woman perfectly! It may involve switching the seat as it won't come with your favourite seat, but all the adjustments are easily done. The point of the utmost importance when buying a new bike is to buy the right size - seats, handlebars, stem-lengths can all be switched or adjusted to suit your needs!

Women's Road Bikes

What make's a women's road bike? There are a couple minor differences that will make a road bike fit you better and be more comfortable. On a women's specific bike the handlebars have a slightly smaller drop and different curve so that the brake levers are easier to reach for smaller hands. The other major difference is that the seat will generally be a better quality women's specific saddle that will improve your comfort while riding the bike.

We carry both Specialized and Trek road bikes in women's specific models. What is most striking about both of these companies is the wide range of premium choices offered for women.

Women's Mountain Bikes

There are a few more things that need adjusting on a mountain bike than a road bike to make it better fit women comfortably. Besides the women's specific seat, a woman's specific mountain bike may have a narrower handlebar and short reach levers as well as lighter springs in the front shock.

We are quite partial to both Specialized and Trek women's bikes. Specialized especially has a complete line of women's specific models for each of their mountain bike platforms whether you are looking for a trail hardtrail or a full-suspension cross-country bike. Trek is an industry leader in women's mountain biking and has a wide selection of both 650 and 29" wheeled women's mountain bikes.