We love fatbikes, and you will too!

Fat bikes, with their 4'+ wide tires, are the ultimate in winter riding technology. You will be able to ride places you couldn't possibly ride with any other bike and the extremely low tire pressure will also make the bike extra comfortable.

We carry options from Specialized, Trek, and Rocky Mountain . Each has a unique take on the fat bike providing our customers with excellent selection.

Kids Ride Fatties Too! Winter fun for the whole family.

Trek and Specialized now offer fatbikes for kids and they make winter fun for the whole family! Kids fat bikes allow for easier riding in loose, snowy or sandy conditions. The wider tires allow the young rider to go over more obstacles with less effort.

These bikes are available in 20" and 24" size for the young winter rider who wants to get out and enjoy the snow.  Don't forget, if we don't have the specific model you want in stock, we can order it in.

Pop by the store to chat. We can help you figure out if this style of bike might be right for the young rider in your family!

Winter Biking Equipment

Winter commuting, when done right, allows you to get some exercise while saving money.  You also get to experience the beauty of Saskatchewan skies.

You will see people riding their bikes to work or for recreation all winter in Saskatoon, and for good reason. With the right equipment it is good for your health, fun, convenient, and safe. This guide will help you get started on the path to becoming a year-round cyclist.

Your bike doesn't actually need much modification to be winterized. The tires are the biggest switch you will need to make. Studded tires will provide traction on ice and keep the bike upright. Studded tires are available for mountain bikes in 26" 27.5" and 29" sizes, and for hybrids or cyclo-cross bikes with the 700C wheel size. Beyond switching your tires, the other change to your bike is to use an oil based lube for the chain instead of the standard wax lube that most people use in the summer. This will protect the chain from rust.

Clothing is crucial to your comfort while riding in the winter. Your biggest enemy is windchill.  What works to keep your head, feet and hands on a winter walk, won't be warm enough for winter riding, but the winter jacket you wear walking will likely be too hot for riding in.  Exposed skin will risk frost bite so everything must be covered.  Fortunately, we sell winter cycling helmets, ski goggles, balaclavas, toques, gloves and mitts, jackets, pants, and even shoes that are suitable for winter riding.

Other factors to remember are that you will generally be riding in low light or night conditions so bike lights are a must. Some lights require batteries, but the newer lights are conveniently rechargeable in your home or work computer via USB. Often a good bike light is the only thing that allows drivers to recognize your presence. This is one investment you won't regret!

One of the biggest challenges people face is how to keep their hands warm. A good set of winter gloves can be a lifesaver, and if you plan on longer rides, bar mitts will allow you to keep your hands warmer longer.

Finally, remember that winter riding can be hard on your bike so if you have the option, use an older beater bike for the winter. The snow, ice, sand and salt on the roads will cause your bike parts to wear quicker and corrode or rust from the moisture and salt.