Specialized Bicycles

Specialized is one of the few companies that has been able to become a technological leader in both mountain bikes and road bikes. Their road bikes are regularly ridden to victory on the pro road racing circuit. Specialized works closely with their sponsored athletes to design bikes that meet the specific needs of different athletes and even different styles of racing.

Their road program contains three different carbon platforms, each having a distinctly different use. The Venge sets the standard for performance aero road bikes by balancing the need for an aero bike, but one that is also stiff and responsive. The Tarmac is the ultimate race machine providing the stiffest, lightest bike possible. The Roubaix is designed to be the most comfortable road bike. It boasts a variety of technologies that smooth out the road without sacrificing performance.

Specialized is not all about racing. Their race-worthy Roubaix is actually designed more for the fitness rider's position and performance requirements. They also have an excellent line of aluminum road bike - the Allez and Secteur - which make great first road bikes.

Trek Bicycles

Trek Bicycles is a huge name in the road scene. The Madone is legendary in the pro peleton with an avalanche of wins at some of the biggest races in the world! It combines aerodynamics with a light and stiff platform to conquer every road. A new platform that Trek has just introduced is the Emonda. This is definitely the world leader in minimizing weight and maximizing performance. Their Domane platform has a decoupler built into seat tube that increases the vertical compliance of the frame. This makes the Domane one of the most comfortable endurance road bikes available.

Trek also has two exciting cyclo-cross platforms that were developed with the input of some of the top pro cyclo-cross riders: the aluminum Crockett and the carbon Boone. The Boone has the same decoupler as the Domane, providing suspension for the rider over rough terrain.

Argon 18 Bicycles

Canada's premium road bike company, Argon 18, has four different carbon framesets to choose from. Unique to Argon 18 is a headset riser that allows you to customize the position of your bike from a super comfortable fitness position, to a super aggressive racing position. No other company offers such flexibility in their bikes. They also have an amazing tri-bike line that is the choice of many top triathletes. Their tri-bike line consists of three carbon frames and one aluminum option.

When you order your Argon 18 bike from us you have your choice of component group, handlebar width, crank length, wheels and another dozen options to make your bike the perfect one for you. Customize your ride without the custom price!

Custom Wheel Building

Did you know we custom build road and cyclo-cross bike wheels? Our wheels our lighter and stronger than many of the big brand pre-built wheels available. The great thing is that you can totally customize the wheels to your riding style and even pimp them out with white spokes, or colored spoke nipples.

Take a look at the wheelset in the picture - this tubular wheelset is ready for road racing and is strong enough to be raced off-road in cyclocross as well. This wheelset built for a customer is only 1210g.

A more popular option, and more reasonably priced, is a custom build with a Notubes rim that can be run with tubes or tubeless and is only 1360g. You can even choose spoke and spoke nipple color to make the wheels really stand out!