Buying a Bike at Bruce's Cycle Works

Added March 27, 2019

Girl selling bike.

Shopping for a bike can be a fun purchase, but sometimes the process seems overwhelming.

Here are a few tips to help guide you through your purchase:

Start with a visit to our store. If you haven't yet been to our new, two-story location, you're in for a treat! We now have free customer parking!

Stay for a chat. We'll spend time talking with you to learn about what type of riding you currently do, and what type of riding you want to start doing.

Compare models. Our staff can show you a few options that will suit your desired riding style. We'll also explain what features each model offers.

Take a test ride. It's nice to test out a bike you're interested in. If you wish to determine the different between two features (e.g., mechanical versus hydraulic disc brakes), we'll send you out for a test ride on a couple of options.

Get Sized. Once you've selected a type of bike and the features you desire, we'll size you. Remember, it's only a deal if it fits!

Accessorize. After you've picked your bike, we can assist you in the selection of accessories. Many people select bells, water bottle cages, and kickstands. We also install fenders, racks, and paniers. The sky is the limit and we have a lot of fun accessories to choose from!

Special orders. We have many bikes in stock, but if we don't have your size in the bike that you want, it's a simple process: we take a deposit down, the bike is ordered, we build it up, and it's ready for your desired add-ons.

Remember: At Bruce's Cycle Works, information is free. No matter what stage of the bike shopping process you find yourself in, we can help.

We hope to see you soon!!