Add a little "smart" to your indoor training

Added Dec 15, 2018

Person riding on a trainer

Many people in Saskatchewan bike inside during the winter to help get into shape, to rehab injuries, or maintain their fitness.

However, even folks who have a great setup at home, find themselves wishing for a more realistic ride experience.

Enter the smart trainer.

Your computer, phone, or tablet can control the speed and tension on a smart trainer which allows you to connect to programs such as Zwift, Rouvy, TheSufferfest, and TACX.

With the right smart trainer, you can ride courses all over the world, right from the comfort of your home.

At Bruce's, we carry a variety of smart trainers, and can order in many models that we don't have in-stock.

Our big advice - - try before you buy.

We have a variety of trainers set up in the store for you to test out. In addition, we have a complete demo unit hooked up to Zwift for those wishing to see what that program is like.

Prices of smart trainers vary widely, and we can help explain what you're getting at each price point.

Plan to pop by the store to learn what level of smart trainer is the best fit for you!