Winter Riding 101

Added Nov 22, 2018

Winter Riding

Saskatchewan is often under a blanket of snow and it's cold for 5 months of the year. However, that doesn't have to mean your outdoor riding time is over.

Follow these tips to improve your winter riding experience:

  • Get some traction. Invest in a good set of studded tires to keep your bike rolling along and to avoid injuries from sliding out.
  • Keep the wind out. Make clothing choices that are wind-resistant, but breathable. This will keep you from letting the cold are in, and will prevent you from getting sweaty inside of your clothing.!
  • Get a winter helmet. We lose much of our heat off our heads. Invest in a good winter biking helmet and keep your head warm. This option is often more comfortable than trying to retrofit your summer helmet.
  • Avoid frost bite. Keep your cheeks toasty warm with a buff or balaclava.
  • Explore pathways, parks, and back alleys. City streets can become congested with snow. Bike paths, parks and back alleys are often other great winter super-highways.
  • Consider bar mitts. Winter mitts can be bulky and make it hard to brake or shift. Bar mitts are suprisingly easy to get in and out of, and keep your hands toasty warm allowing you to wear lighter gloves.
  • Wear sunglasses or goggles. Our sun might not be as strong, but sun blindness is a real thing in winter. Use sunglasses on warmer days and ski goggles on the cold ones to protect your peepers.
  • Get fat! Fatbiking is a fun way to enjoy winter. We have a rental fleet, so if you don't have a fatbike, you can still enjoy some powder!

  • We have some of the most beautiful, sunny days in Saskatchewan. They just happen to occur when it's cold out.

    Pop by the store to learn more about how you can enjoy Saskatchewan all winter!.