Preventing Bike Theft

Added Sept 6, 2018

Kryptonite U-Lock

We receive a lot of questions about ways to prevent bike theft.

While none of us can prevent a motivated thief from stealing our equipment, making the process time consuming may prevent or disrupt a theft from occuring.

Below are a few tips and tricks that we employ:

  • Lock your bike with a hardened steel u-lock or chain. Higher rated locks need bigger tools to crack. The rule of thumb is to buy a lock that is worth 10% of your bike's value. If you are locking in areas with higher theft occurences, you will probably want to opt for a higher rated (thicker) lock.
  • Use a cable, chain or wheel locks to secure the wheels. Areas like the university are notorious for wheel theft. Don't forget your seatpost too!
  • When away from home, lock up in a highly visible location. Take advantage of storage lockers if available, and lock your bike within those locations.
  • Avoid leaving your bike unattended for "just a minute". It only takes seconds for someone to walk by and quickly (or casually) walk away with your bike.
  • At home, keep your bikes out of site. Try to keep garage doors closed, or bikes covered. Bike lifts also work well in garages, and allow you to store bikes up out of the way.
  • Consider floor or wall anchors in your garage/basement. If the bikes are locked within your building, the thieves require more time/tools to extract them.
  • Be aware as you ride home. If you think you're being watched, considering riding around the block, and using an alternative entrance to your property if possible.
  • Register your bike with the City Police Get My Bike Back program. If your bike is stolen, the police will have your serial number and contact information on file.

  • If you do have a theft, report it to the City Police. They often recover bikes, and have no way of knowing who they belong to. By filing a report, you have a better chance of getting your bike back if it is recovered.

    Pop by the store to learn more about lock ratings, and how to best select a lock for your bike needs.