Get Ready For Spring

Added April 25, 2018

Riding in Spring

Spring is on its way in Saskatoon, and most people are digging their bikes out from a long winter's nap.

Before you hit the road, getting a spring tune-up is a good idea, but here are a few things you can do at home:

  • Dust your bike off. As you're doing this, check for any noticeable wear in the brake and shift cable housing.
  • Inflate your tires. Take a good look at your tires to ensure there isn't any cracking on the sidewall of the tire. Check the tread for excessive wear. If your tires are very flat, be carefully when inflating not to pinch the inner tube.
  • Lube your chain. Applying bicycle lube ensures your chain links can freely move.
  • Check your chain for wear. If you don't have a chain checker, pop by the store. We check chains for free.
  • Check the bolts. Bolts can work themselves loose over time, so it's a good idea to examine your bike for loose bolts.
  • Check your brakes. Ensure your brakes are working. Check the brake pads for wear.
  • Go for a short ride. Ensure your gears are working, that you aren't hearing excessive chain noise, and that your brakes are stopping the bike properly.

  • If you aren't sure if your bike is road ready, pop by the store, and get a free estimate on any repairs it needs.

    If you want to give your bike an extra treat, book a bike wash and drivetrain cleaning. Your bike will love you!