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Winter Care for your Bike

Added Dec 2, 2019

Bike In Snow.

Winter commuting and recreational riding can keep you moving through the winter months, but snow and salt can be hard on bike parts, so a little extra care is needed.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your winter ride in working order:

Keep It Dry Moisture is a bike's mortal enemy. It causes rust to form, and it works its way into pivots and bearings. Get in the habit of knocking snow off before it melts in your garage, and use a rag to dry wet areas before water can cause damage.

Chain Care Wet or cold weather lubricants are designed to better protect chains in moist conditions. Leave the dry lube for the hot, rain-free days of summer, and pick up a lube such as Muc-Off -50..

Consider Fenders Fenders help prevent snow, salt, and grit from getting onto your drivetrain and into small corners and pivots. As a bonus, you'll stay dryer on mucky days.

Check Your Chain and Brakes The abrasiveness of grit and grime can cause unnecessary wear on your chain and brake pads. Pop by our bike shop to get your chain and brake wear checked for free!

Keep Your Tires Inflated Cold weather causes tires to deflate faster than you expect. Avoid unexpected flats, and unnecessary wear, by keeping your tires pumped up.

Stay warm!

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