Get Ready to Commute

Added September 10, 2017


Whether you are a student starting school in the fall, or just looking to save gas and get some exercise on your way to and from work, commuting can enrich your life in many ways.

1. It's nearly as fast as driving: For short commutes, when you factor in the time it takes to park and walk inside, commuting is often nearly as quick as driving.

2. It's good for your physical health: Aerobic activity four or more times a week can improve your health and allow to keep active as you age.

3. It's improves mental health: Exercise and a connection to the outdoors help improve seratonin levels and can be a great mood booster. This is especially important during our fall and winter months when we lose daylight.

4. It's saves money: Fueling your body and maintaining a bike is far cheaper than paying for gas, plates, insurance, and repairs.

We're here to help. Pop in and we can help get you set up to enjoy biking to work or school. We can even provide some tips about choosing a route that works for you!