Shaving Time

Whether you are looking to shave seconds off your personal time trial times, or just looking for a fine-tuned machine that improves solo riding in Saskatchewan winds, our shop offers the best in aerodynamic technology available today.

However, beyond the bike, there are a few key items that help you shave minutes on long distance rides and races:

Aero helmets may look wild but they will make as much difference as aerowheels at a fraction of the cost.

Aero wheels can take minutes off of a ride. We can help you find wheels that shave time without blowing the bank.

Skinsuits allow the air to flow over you easier which makes you faster.

Aero waterbottles allow you to stay hydrated without sacrificing speed.

Timetrial booties smooth the air flow over your shoes.

Ride the bike more. It will make your biking faster, and you will be surprised at how much faster you run during the last leg of the triathlon because your muscles aren't as fatigued!

Specialized Bicycles

We are super excited about selling Specialized and one of the jewels in their crown is the Shiv triathlon bike that they debuted at the 2011 Ironman. The original Shiv made its debut at the 2009 Tour of Romandie where it was used to good effect by Fabian Cancellera in the Protour. Unfortunately that bike didn't translate into the best triathlon bike. The new triathlon-specific Shiv is simply the fastest tri bike ever made, and at its debut in the 2011 Ironman, it was integral in helping Craig Alexander win the event and break the Ironman record.

Trek Bicycles

Trek has some of the most innovative designs in triathlon bicycles right now. The Speed Concept bike is one of the most aerodynamic, light and stiff bikes in production. Beyond this, Trek have also made it an easy bike to dismantle for transport and added all sorts of integrated storage to carry your food, tools and fluid without an aero penalty. All of this has combined to make Trek a popular choice for those buying a new triathlon bike

Argon 18 Bicycles

Canadian company Argon 18 has four dedicated multisport bikes in their line. The award winning Element comes in three wind cheating set-ups including one with a built-in fairing and aerobar to make it the fastest Argon 18 ever produced. The E-80 (Mercury) is a great budget racer with an aluminum frame that has held the course record at Hawaii Ironman- not many companies can say that about their entry level triathlon bike.

Argon 18 pays careful attention to the aerodynamics, comfort and feel of their frames. They are closely partnered with the materials engineering departement of a prominent Canadian University and sponsor many top international and Canadian triathletes. All of this makes Argon 18 competitive with the best that the world can offer.

Aero Wheels

Fast wheels are just as important as the bike. A set of deep dish wheels can make you as much as 90 seconds faster over 40k compared to the wheels that come on almost all triathlon bikes.

We believe in HED wheels. We like that they are on the cutting edge of aero technology but do not have the ridiculous price tags associated with some of their competition. HED makes a very nice set of aero wheels with clincher rims which means that you don't have the hassle of gluing tubular tires or changing them when you get a flat.