Buying a Kids Bike

We love kids, and we've got a great range of bikes for the kids in your family.

Sizing:  Sizing kids to bikes isn't always easy. They are always growing, so the ideal is finding a bike that fits them today, but that they can still use tomorrow. When you visit us, we'll take your child's height, and match them to the size that fits them best, keeping in mind that they might be growing quickly in the coming months.    If you are surprising your children, you just need to bring their height.  At heights from 4'5 to 4'10, parents can choose between a kids 24" bike and an adult extra small. While the two bikes look the same, the adult extra small sometimes offers a bit more time in the bike, and might be an item a shorter adult in the family can use afterwards.

Choosing a bike:  Selecting which price range of bike to purchase is also easy with us. As a rule, bikes become more expensive as you add features like gears, shocks, and lighter frames.  We're hear to help.  Tell us a bit about the kind of riding your child will be doing, and we can help you select a bike that best suits their needs.

Plan to pop into our shop to learn more about options for your growing family.

Miele Bicycles

We have carried Miele bikes for over 10 years.  In that time, we have come to love this brand for it's inexpensive, durable options for youth. 

Families looking for a great-value bicycle with real bike parts can enjoy the quality and selection offered by Miele. In addition, these bikes hold their value well and are coveted in the used-bike market.

Miele youth bikes are competitively priced with the added benefit that your child is going to have a bike that works, is safe, and is fun to ride. What could be more important for their first bike?

We carry a wide selection Miele bikes in 12" to 24" wheel sizes. These are great looking, quality bikes at a competitive price!

Specialized, Trek, and Rocky Mountain Kids Bikes

Kids who do more trail riding, or families looking for a light-weight bike option can get a bike to suit these specific needs. Trek, Specialized and Rocky Mountain bikes have lighter aluminum frames and higher-end parts and shocks, resulting in increased durability to handle heavier use.

These youth bikes are serious mountain bikes, just scaled down for young riders.

We carry Trek, Specialized, and Rocky Mountain bikes in the 20" and 24" size for the young rider who likes to do a lot of off-road riding or who spends every minute of the summer on their bike.  If we don't have the specific model you want in stock, we can order it in.

Fat Bikes! Winter fun

Trek and Specialized now offer fatbikes for kids and they make winter fun for the whole family! Kids fat bikes allow for easier riding in loose, snowy or sandy conditions. The wider tires allow the young rider to go over more obstacles with less effort.

These bikes are available in 20" and 24" size for the young winter rider who wants to get out and enjoy the snow.  Don't forget, if we don't have the specific model you want in stock, we can order it in.

Pop by the store to chat. We can help you figure out if this style of bike might be right for the young rider in your family!