Buying a BMX Bike

Kids and adults alike love the freedom and simplicity of BMX bikes. This category of bikes starts with a smaller frame on a 20" wheel (although other wheelsizes are available). The bike itself doesn't have any gears, and generally has a back brake only.

Top tube length is a very important consideration when sizing a BMX bike. All of our bikes come with height recommendations from the manufacturer, so you can be sure you are picking a bike that is going to fit.

Haro BMX

Haro has been in production for over 30 years and is still going strong.

Haro offers a complete line of bikes for the BMX enthusiast and even offers vintage framesets. 

We love Haro because they offer a very deep line of bicycles from value-priced to race-ready and everything in between.

We have a lot of different Haro's in-stock, and have many more available for ordering. Pop by the store to learn more about this great company, and to find a bike that's right for you!.