Bike Maintenance Clinics

Join us and learn the ins and outs of performing a tune-up on your own bike!

Beginners welcome!

Class options: Jan 18th (SOLD OUT), Feb 8th (1 spot remaining) and Feb 22nd (3 spots remaining)

Time: 5-8PM

Cost: $80.00 plus GST (50% deposit secures your spot)

Register in-store or email:

**We also do private bookings for groups of 4. Email us to book a date.**

Holiday Hours

It is our sincere hope that you have a wonderful holiday season.

We will be open regular hours during the holidays (Monday-Saturday), but will be closed Dec 25th, Dec 26th and Jan 1st.

Fatbikes are fun!! Try renting one.

If you're wondering how best to enjoy winter in Saskatchewan, consider renting a fat bike.

Fat bikes allow riders to float over uneven terrain that regular width tires struggle with. This means the bikes float over snow and sand.

We have fatbikes for rent with one day, two day, and weekly options.

Call or pop in to reserve a bike, and learn a bit more about this new type of ride.

Bike Maintenance Clinics

Join us and learn the ins and outs of performing a tune-up on your own bike!

Beginners welcome!

Class options: Nov 23 (1 spot remaining), Jan 18th (1 spot remaining), Feb 8th and Feb 22nd

Time: 5-8PM

Cost: $80.00 plus GST (50% deposit secures your spot)

Register in-store or email:

**We also do private bookings for groups of 4. Email us to book a date.**

Thanskgiving Hours

Happy Thanksgiving   Our weekend store hours will be as follows:

Oct 7, 10AM until 6PM

Oct 8, Closed

Oct 9, Closed

Get Ready to Commute

Whether you are a student starting school in the fall, or just looking to save gas and get some exercise on your way to and from work, commuting can enrich your life in many ways.

1. It's nearly as fast as driving: For short commutes, when you factor in the time it takes to park and walk inside, commuting is often nearly as quick as driving.

2. It's good for your physical health: Aerobic activity four or more times a week can improve your health and allow to keep active as you age.

3. It's improves mental health: Exercise and a connection to the outdoors help improve seratonin levels and can be a great mood booster. This is especially important during our fall and winter months when we lose daylight.

4. It's saves money: Fueling your body and maintaining a bike is far cheaper than paying for gas, plates, insurance, and repairs.

We're here to help. Pop in and we can help get you set up to enjoy biking to work or school. We can even provide some tips about choosing a route that works for you!

Canada Day Holiday Hours

Happy Canada Day everyone! We will be on location at the Prairie Gran Fondo in Diefenbaker park, on Saturday July 1st!  Our store hours for the weekend are as follows:

June 30th - 9AM - 6PM

July 1st - CLOSED

July 2nd - CLOSED

July 3rd - Open

Bike Fitting Services

Did you know that bikes can be fit to their owners to improve riding comfort? After you purchase a bicycle, there are still many apsects of the fit that should be addressed in order to accommodate your body proportions.

Our bike fits range from $50 to $150 and take from 1 to 3 hours to complete. All fits are completed in our private fitting room, and are performed by BG Fit Specialists.

To improve your comfort on the bike, call or email us to book your fit.

Spring Tuneups

Spring is the perfect time to bring your bike in for service. It's good news if your bike is needing repairs, because it means you're getting out and riding a lot (and hopefully saving gas).

Pop by the shop to book your bike in for a spring tune-up. We provide a full quote, so you'll know what your tune up will cost, and we'll let you know what day it will be ready.

We've moved! (across the street)

As many of you know, we have been working on our new building, across the street from our old location.

We are now settled in, and ready for business. 

Pop by to have a visit, and to see the new shop.  The store has tons of windows, lots of room, and a second level!

We hope to see you soon.

Fatbikes - What's the big deal?

We have a lot of people visit our store asking if a fatbike can really make a difference in winter riding. The short answer to this question is "absolutely", and we would like to explain why.

A fatbike's wider tires, allow riders to lower the overall pressure of their tires. By doing so, the tires tend to float over surfaces, such as snow, that other narrower tires cut into. Couple that with gearing intended for winter riding, and this makes the fatbike a very popular choice for winter riding and commuting.

Pop by today to try one out, or rent one our rental bikes, so that you can get a better idea what the bikes can do over a variety of terrain options.

Global Fatbike Day

December 3rd marks the celebration of Global Fatbike Day. We have a great selection of fatbikes to rent if you wish to participate in one of our city's fun festivities. Drop by to make a reservation.

Fat Bike Rentals

We've brought in a set of Rocky Mountain Blizzards for our new fatbike rental fleet!

With the option to rent for a day, two days, or even a week, you can enjoy winter in a whole new way.  In addition, renting a fatbike is a great way to try out the ride before you buy. 

Pop by the store for more information or to book a timeslot.

Electra Bikes

We're really proud to announce that we are now carrying Electra bikes!

In addition to being known for their beauty, these bikes are well-constructed and are thoughtfully designed.

Using their patented Flat Foot Technology, Electra has created a bike that allows riders to have more comfort and control out on the road.

To learn more about Electra, visit:  They even have a little section on how to choose your Electra!  Pop by the store to learn more about these great bikes and to see some in person.

Clothing Sale 25-60% off!

New stock is on its way, and we just have to make room! We have a great selection of sales clothing such as men's and women's long and short sleeved jerseys.

We also have some triathlon sleeveless tops and even a few sale jackets and shorts!

Get 'em before they're gone!

Watching for Chain Wear

As the summer rolls on, you're likely getting the opportunity to put on a lot of kilometers. This activity helps make our waistlines shrink, but did you know that it also shrinks the waistline of your chain?

As bike chains rotate through the drivetrain, micro-abrasions wear away at the pins, and cause the chain to lengthen (or stretch). This action results in the chain contacting the teeth of the gears in a different spot than it is supposed to, and a wear pattern can form in the gears.

It's free to have us check your chain for wear. We use a small tool that measures the spacing of the links. If you're so inclined, we also sell these tools for you to have at home.

Replacing a chain before it wears out the drivetrain can save you money, but it can also save you the hassle of having a bike with skipping gears.

Pop by today to have your chain checked for free. It will give you the peace of mind to keep enjoying the ride!

Summer's Almost Here!

We've been treated to a pretty awesome spring, and now we're into June and the temperatures continue to provide amazing bike weather..

Here are a few tips for getting your bike road ready:

1. Dust if off and give it a nice wash. Just be careful to avoid spraying any bearing areas.

2. Dry the chain off and lube the chain with bike lube such as Finishline.

3. Check the tires for wear, and pump them up to the recommended PSI which is found on the sidewall of the tire. Don't have a pump? Pop by our store.

4. Go for a little test ride to check the brakes and shifting. Examine the cables for fraying or wear.

5. Plan to get a tune-up. A full-tune includes shifting and brake adjustments, wheel truing (tightening of the spokes) and much more.

6. Get out and ride!.